Fantasy roleplaying rules, realised as a corpus juris.

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The 3d6 Constitution

NOTE: this repo will not get any changes. If there are any updates to this projects, it will be on https://github.com/NatalieKilhamn/3d6constitution / https://nataliekilhamn.github.io/3d6constitution/

The 3d6 constitution is a fantasy role-playing game ruleset, realised as a body of law.

Start by reading the agenda. If you co-sign this, we could probably find a game we both enjoy playing together.

The agenda can be realised in many different ways. The most important consequences and choices come in the form of the amendments. If the amendments don’t realise the agenda, they should be changed. If you co-sign this, you could probably drop right down at my gaming table and have a good time.

The game is made concrete enough to play by the corpus juris, the body of law. Everything in there is secondary to the agenda and the amendments. These rules are intended to change and expand as we work our way towards the best way to realise the agenda. If you use all of these, we are for all intents and purposes playing the same game.


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